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Amber C. Saunders – The Entrepreneur’s Attorney

Principal Attorney

"Your Actions Have to Back Up Your Ambition." Gary Vee

Amber Saunders is a serial entrepreneur turned attorney whose law firm, Saunders Law Group, provides lawyer-approved, sanity-inducing business strategies to form, fund, and flourish in any economy.  Amber is a graduate of Oakwood University, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, and, is currently pursuing her LLM at Emory University School of Law. Before she began practicing law, Amber founded Enrichment Prep, an alternative test-prep company. Enrichment Prep was a funding recipient of 100 Urban Entrepreneurs (a pretty cool organization that traveled across the United States with the White House hosting pitch competitions and giving seed funding to entrepreneurs in under-served communities). Amber is the author of Ahead of the Curve: What Parents Need to Know to Get Their Kids Into College (Peterson’s, 2014).

Most importantly, Amber Saunders is an Anita Baker fan who happens to be an attorney and will sing Been So Long, loudly, at the drop of a dime. Facts are facts .

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